• What is IFRS?

  • What is International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)?

  • What is the structure of  IASC  foundation?

  • How widespread is the adoption of IFRS around the world?

  • What is the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC)?

  • What is the IFAC?

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In the transition period of radical changes (such as, for example the transition from ASRA to IFRS), the necessity of insuring against possible risks is increasing.

Proposed services

  • Consultancy on transition to IFRSs,
  • Development of accounting policy,
  • Development of working chart of accounts,
  • Development of manual for accounting of sample operations,
  • Documentation and document processing.
  • Analysis of acting accounting system, identification of deficiencies and suggestions on their elimination, improvement of existing procedures and presentation of action plan.
  • Introduction of cost accounting system.
  • Assessment of software and technical needs for accounting (technologies), implementation of accounting software/system,
  • Accounting of financial results of individual transactions (contracts) and presentation in the financial statements

When carried out

  • By legislative requirement (since 2011 companies must make transition from the national accounting standards to international financial reporting standards),
  • Necessity of implementation of accounting and document circulation system in accordance with legislative requirements and characteristics of the organization's activities,
  • Necessity of the accounting system automation,
  • Separate transactions nor regular for the company: accounting in accordance with IFRS requirements and presentation in the financial statements

Why TM

  • Direct participation in development of legal acts on accounting (laws, standards, financial reporting packages, chart of accounts, primary accounting documents, ledgers).
  • Dozens of professional, methodological books and papers
  • A great deal of experience since1999
  • Qualified, competent professionals,
  • Large customer base.