• What is IFRS?

  • What is International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)?

  • What is the structure of  IASC  foundation?

  • How widespread is the adoption of IFRS around the world?

  • What is the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC)?

  • What is the IFAC?

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Skill development and rise of awareness level is always of great importance to TM Audit.
For this purpose the Company has been:

Professional literature

The Company’s employees are authors and co-authors of more than twenty books and papers on the new accounting system. The professional literature has become a reference book for professionals and a textbook for students and young professionals.
The  Company’s specialists have also edited and examined lots of professional books.



Since 1998 the Company has provided dozens of requalification trainings in various higher education institutions, professional organizations.
Thousands of trainees - accountants, auditors, lecturers, finance and accounting field employees, heads of organizations participated in the trainings.


Tatul Movsisyan’s “Youth Support Centre”

Following the trainings and requalification courses of  specialists conducted by the Company, Tatul Movsisyan’s “Youth Support Centre” was established in 2008. The centre is aimed to provide comprehensive support to young people. 


  • Conducting training courses for beginners.
  • Transfer of theoretical knowledge and practical experience,
  • Recruiting in the Company or in the Company’s clients organizations,
  • Providing professional consultancy on practical issues that arise during work,
  • Assisting in making right decisions.